Greenville, OH | Unhoped For Wedding: The Dull’s Story

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Your wedding day should be nothing short of joy, happiness and love. Every wedding day is different for each couple fitting their needs. The Dull wedding story is a bit different and one for the books.

My day started off with getting my gear ready and pulling up Keshia and Preston’s timeline. I was starting with the guys getting ready at the house focusing on the groom and brides dad. As I arrive I am greeted by the groom. He stated dad was running behind and some of the groomsmen, which is normal and I just got started with the groom.

As we are finishing up, the father of the bride still had not arrived. I told the groom no worries as I’ll get photos at the church of him. I headed on my way to meet the bride, Keshia, to get photos of her and the girls. As I get to the church, I did inform the bride her dad was “running behind” and I’ll have to get photos at the church of him. She was a bit frustrated but hiccups happen on all wedding days. So, we proceeded with her and some details.

As everyone is getting ready, the father of the bride still hasn’t been seen. Calls were starting to be made to just see what is up. We are less than an hour away for the Ceremony. Everyone’s mind starts to wonder and become concern. I am trying to keep the bride calm at this point.

After a little bit, a family member reached out stating they went to the home of the brides father. The news was not good at this point and it was still unknown as to what was going on. My heart sank as the bride got a call saying a responder team and police were at his home and he was unresponsive. I was in disbelief.

My goal was to keep my client calm and everyone around her away, but immediate family. Racing to get the pastor as the ceremony was less than 20 mins away and guest were arriving. Fight or flight at this point was all I could do and I had to stay strong for my bride and groom and fight.

I am not sure how she picked herself up, but Keshia and Preston decided to move forward with the ceremony for their guest. Both her brothers took the honor in walking down the aisle to give her away. I am not sure how she picked herself up, but Keshia and Preston decided to move forward with the ceremony for their guest. Both her brothers took the honor in walking down the aisle to give her away. In the honor of the brides father, a moment was taken. Not a dry eye in the church after the ceremony.

The ceremony continued and Keshia and Preston walked out the doors as husband and wife. All formals and portraits proceeded as normal leading up to the reception. Now prior to both Keshia and Preston were up in the air about continuing after the ceremony. It didn’t feel right at the time to “go party”. Completely understandable in their thoughts for this, however they proceeded anyways for their guest to enjoy. Everything was all set and to have vendors just go home was something they also didn’t want to deal with.

“It was such a blur I was in shock and so much denial. Thats probably what got me through the day. I knew everything was not ok or going to be ok. I just did it. Dad did guide me through that day and every day forever” -The Bride

When the reception started all was typical as they had some traditional events. But then, then it came down to the father/daughter dance. This was hard on Keshia. Her brothers and sisters stepped in and all of them in a huddle swaddled to the music holding Keshia up during this time.

The Dull wedding story is heartbreaking and full of love at the same time. Their day will be one I never forget. The day was a “blur” as Keshia said and I couldn’t agree more. Needless to say the least, this was definitely not a “dull” wedding. I set up an opportunity for Keshia and Preston to get all dressed up again and have real couples portraits done (as everyone was an emotional mess day of and makeup had already become smeared). They requested close to their anniversary and I made that happen for them!

Here are some photos from the Dull wedding story, plus a few anniversary photos.

Remember as a photographer we are telling the couples day as we see it. We respect decisions made, but help guide them in situations if needed. No photographer is ever prepared for a situation like this. I called a dear friend when leaving and balled my eyes out to them. I do not know how I kept my cool for Keshia and Preston. To some I may have looked heartless, but it’s my job to stay calm under pressure. Your couples need you to be and I tried my hardest to do just that.

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