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Based on the Northeastern side of the US. Serving the Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont areas frequently. With our bags packed and passport used often, traveling worldwide is more frequently these days. No matter if you're planning a wedding in a beautiful place in the world, or documenting those important milestones in your life you deserve to have those moments frozen in time. Grab some tacos or chips and salsa as you dip into the details with all the ideas floating around in your head! We will create a plan and let it unfold with our guidance and preparation provided to you.

On your wedding day all you have to do is focus on the love of your life. We're just there to document them. From start to finish we make your day stress free and memorable with photos to look back at. 

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Yay you're engaged! Looking to create save the dates, a wedding website or just show off your new bling?! Or you are a couple celebrating time together and wanting that updated portrait to show off! 

Yay you're engaged, growing your family or looking to update those yearly portraits. Creating beautiful portraits to hang on the wall.




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Imagine being in class and the teach says "open book test" and you don't freak out because you have all the info! Couples and families come to me all the time saying they don't know how to pose, or they are overwhelmed with planning- AND THEN BAM- I hit them with guides filled full of tips and tricks to help them feel at ease.

Taking my job seriously makes your experience less stressful from start to finish. Whether you have all the moves or none- I guide you for each step. 

PRIMARILY a destination photographer for couples and families. Often in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont but also WORLDWIDe at times.. 

I'm Jess, your spice of life for any event.

Hey there!

She was phenomenal throughout the entire process. I had braces before my wedding and she made me feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera. Day off she was a saint at keeping me calm, letting me get the last second shots I wanted, wrangling family members and fixing my hair after it fell out.

- Lindsay + Judd

From the moment I met Jessica, I knew I was bound for a fun adventure! This woman has gone above and beyond for me in so many ways, I don’t know where to start. Everything I expected and more. Jessica is a wonderful person, a joy to work with, and an excellent businesswoman.

- Heidi + Wayne

Jess went above and beyond providing different recommendations to help plan a seamless wedding day. Even with different time zones, she was quick to respond and was a great communicator. She did our engagement photos (2 days before our wedding day) and was open for an adventure even on short notice! 

- Stephanie + Austin

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