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Morgan + Nolans Palm Springs, California: Ace Hotel Wedding

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I had to almost pinch myself when Nolan and Morgan reached out for their poolside Ace Hotel wedding celebration in Palm Springs for this past October. My heart almost shattered when they said I was out of budget at the time. Fast forward a few months, they called back! When they told me their date was October 31st, I jumped.

Being able to escape to Palm Springs was a dream this East coaster could only imagine. Some say working on your birthday can stink, but not mine. Halloween is ‘my’ holiday and having a camera in my hand for the day made it so much more!

Seeing them get fancied up, friends and family surrounding them with love and in the modern vibe they constructed for the day really set the perfect mood.

This gorgeous day was all about non gender roles, body positivity and a vogue editorial for a wedding setting. Morgan and Nolan originally meeting in Ohio, moved to LA for their careers. From the home roots of Dayton, retreat the the Los Angeles occupants escaping to Palm Springs with friends and family. Morgan, a photographer and editor herself, planned such a vivacious day; still trusting my advice and guidance for capturing the most special day shared between her and Nolan.

While the day was filled with love, it was also full of emotions. Morgan had surprised Nolan with their friends singing while the precession started; it was extremely beautiful to witness in person. With first dance and speeches, the laughter roared and the tears fell before dancing the night away with their people! Even though so many escaped to Palm Springs for this weekend romance, not a lot of people wanted to leave come Monday morning!

No to a first look, but they did get dressed up in the “attire that didn’t make the cut”. Making a splash to the start of the day kicking it off pretty unique.
While they cleaned up and dried off from their dip, Morgan and Nolan began to get ready for the celebration with their friends and family. Saved me a birthday dance at the end, making my night!

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Venue/HMU team/Catering: Ace Hotel Weddings, Flowers: DIY Trader Joe’s, Wedding Attire: (Morgan) Davids Bridal + Amazon, (Nolan) ASOS + H&M.
Additional Images: Jessica Combs / Day of Assistant: Hannah Anderson
  1. Omg the Ace hotel looks like the perfect place for a wedding! You captured this one so beautifully! I love how they jumped in the pool with the outfits that didn’t make the cut haha!

  2. Dylan says:

    I love that this couple started their day jumping into a pool. It really sets the tone for everything to follow. The processional down the aisle was one of the more unique ideas I’ve seen, and I love the energy you captured in the dance floor photos. Beautiful work!

  3. Naomi Levit says:

    This looks like such a fun wedding in Palm Springs! Love the energy and moments you captured!!

  4. Tessa says:

    I LOVE that they started the day off by jumping in the pool! You perfectly captured the feel of Palm Springs in these photos. What a beautiful day!

  5. Alexandria says:

    oh goodness I’m here for this energy! I love everything about this wedding! Jumping in the pool is probably the best way to set the tone for the day!

  6. Kat says:

    Such a stylish pair and I love that they jumped into the pool BEFORE their ceremony!!

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