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Rachael + DJs Field of Love

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First, is your love so strong a pandemic can’t even stop it? This question has been asked several times in the past few months. For instance, when your love is strong you do NOT let anything step in your way.

Vow renewals are not just for when you need a pick me up for your relationship. These intimate ceremonies are for the strong. The ones who want to keep their love moving forward. Above all, the kind of love you want to remind each other about.

However, Rachael and DJ originally had their vow renewal set up before the pandemic put most love ceremonies into a twirling spin. So, it only made sense to keep plans in place. they may have changed a few things around to accommodate the day, they still proceeded forward.

Rachael had her makeup and hair done onsite by a talented artist. She decorated herself with a beautiful boho lace gown, grandmother’s pearls, special shoes and a flower crown. I asked why a flower crown, she said “it takes the place of a bouquet.” I love that she had this approach. The flower crown by Des was full of color and beauty, and went perfect with their field of love.

I’d choose you in a hundred lifetimes in a hundred worlds.

Rachael finished getting ready as DJ was making his way to the arch in the field of love. Their two boys escorted Rachael down a candle lit path through a field of love up to DJ. Personal vows were wrote for one another. Thus, reminding them of the little steps in life they have accomplished together thus this far.

The rest of the evening was spent laughing around the photo booth and enjoying some cake and tart. Towards the end of the evening Rachael led DJ over to play him a song. A song that they had play at their wedding 10 years ago. A song that Rachael learned how to play herself on a guitar for this special occasion.

Finally ending the evening in the field of love dancing under the lights.

Hair & Makeup: Michelle Miller of MBiance Studio
Dress: Flutter Dresses
Arch and Whiskey Barrel: owner Melissa Climer of Rustic rental
Camper Photo Booth: Mark Bolmida owner of Mark’s Photo & Video LLC
Wooden farm table/chairs/chargers: Kosins Tents & Events
Cakes: Lemon Tree Co.
Peacock Chairs/Rug: @homewithashleyetsy
Welcome Sign/Lg Frame with Love Quote/Ring box: Fox Wedding Designs
Velvet drape/gold flatware: A&S Party Rental LLC
Cake Topper/Wooden chair hangers: Sherrie Marie
Designer/Flowers/Decor: Flowers by Des

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