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Why Book An Engagement Session

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Most couples are cautious about adding on an engagement session to their wedding collection. I hear often, they can skip out or that it’s an expense they don’t want to spend. While I always under someone having a budget, understanding the value of photos to hold on to is important.

Ask yourself if you should book an engagement and why. There are things to consider when finding your photographer or taking that step to start looking. Engagement sessions or simply as couples sessions, are a great way to get in front of the camera. This may be the very first time professionally as a couple or something you are used to. Either way, considering this type of session should be something you should do.

First, consider how comfortable you and your partner are in front of the camera. Have you had photos done before? If this isn’t the first time having professional photos done with your partner, was it a great experience? Was it possibly an experience you didn’t care for? If you have or haven’t been in front of the camera before, getting a couples/engagement session is a way to connect with not only your photographer also with your partner.

Connecting with not only your photographer, also your partner is key in the session. It helps you feel more comfortable on the day of the wedding and know what to expect. A wedding day is a different atmosphere, but it helps you prepare more for being in front of the camera for a longer duration.

Second, consider the session for the simple fact it will be more relaxed than a wedding day. Wedding days are dressed up in formal wear surrounded by so many guest. A couple’s session before the wedding can be simple in casual wear or still dressed up. It’s a session that is just about you and your partner, being yourselves.

Lastly, having more photos of yourselves! I mean it is plain and simple is another plus. Taking the time to plan your wedding day and your attire is one thing. The day may come and you feel like a sack of potatoes, it happens. However, you could look back on your engagement session as a fun and an amazing experience. You will have those to hang up in your home.

On a last note, some fun things that the engagement session can be used for are save the dates. You can create a fun guest book for your wedding guests to sign on the day of the wedding or shower. Whatever you choose to do is you and your partners choice, but investing in an engagement session is something that should be considered.

Early springtime bliss with a couple who is so playful and fun.

Early summer, vibes with a young and hip couple in a downtown, urban setting.

Late summer “Notebook” Vibes in a creek.

Cozy, winter evenings in the snow and warming up with a popcorn fight.

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