River splashing and star gazing of a couple in love engagement session. : Laid Back Country Engagement Session Inspiration

When two people fall in love and giggle the whole time during photos, you can just tell their story is never going to end.

Kara and Cody had playful hearts while splashing in the river for their engagement session. They were up for anything and didn’t care what I asked them to do. Getting them to smile was the easiest thing ever!

After splashing around, we headed back up to the fields to pretty much laugh some more. I may have been the one laughing the most. I joked saying I could play a few tunes so they could dance around. Cody asked for bluegrass music… he was serious and got so excited for the song that popped on! He picked up Kara and spun her around. Totally forgetting that he just said he “couldn’t dance”. Well, he definitely proved us wrong!

Had a little fun doing a few beer popping shots and just watching them laugh at each other. Finally, ending the evening and session with some star gazing and headlight shining in the blue light hour. Can not wait for their wedding in May on a precious little farm!

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Having fun at your session is all that matters. It’s a time without the kids and worrying about looking perfect. Having a session where you just relax is sometimes the best part!

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