Urbana, Ohio | Midwest Wedding Photographer: Connection Session at Grimes Airport

When you get chance to do couples, connection or engagement session you want them to be fun and exciting! Keeping them unique to the couples is best and makes it an experience to remember. Making it a new adventure is always best.

When I got the opportunity to hang with Casey and Kayla for a connection session at Grimes airport in small town Urbana, Ohio- I WAS EXCITED! This sweet couple has undeniable chemistry making hanging out with them exceptional. Casey is currently serving his country and Kayla started police academy this past summer. They may spend moments apart, but when together it’s like their bond is never broken. A connection session was perfect for them.

This connection session at Grimes Airport never left the ground, but it sure did seem like they were soaring high. At first, they sat and watched the other small planes take off and land while enjoying the sunset. As the sun started going down, Casey helped Kayla into the plane. The plane owner spent time educating the couple on the plane and the airport history.

The evening ended with headlights on and the dark distance upon them. They danced under the stars. Later, kicking back on the jeep roof cuddled up while the evening summer breeze made its way around them. Who knew putting a jeep and a plane together could be this amazing?! I left them to enjoy the rest of their evening holding on to their connection.

Casey and Kayla took the style guide to heart and let me help steer them in the direction of what would work best for their connection session. They met with me a few days before to go over outfits as well as a small timeline for the evening. Their adventure in learning made their connection session at the airport a hit.

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