Wedding Day Loungewear

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It is the morning of your wedding and everyone is getting ready! A venue with silk robes running around. Monogrammed shirts fill the makeup chairs or the good ole black leggins and a zip up hoodie putting the final details on the head table. Below are some key things to remember for wedding day loungewear.

Communicating with your wedding party for their loungewear is key, their opinion should matter. Ask what they might feel most comfortable in. Decide if this is going to be a gift you purchase for them or request they purchase.

And, choosing what you all will be comfortable in day of will be a bit easier to choose! Wedding day loungewear is not a set thing. Monogrammed shirts are not for everyone. How about the typical “BRIDESMAIDS” labeled robes. These sometimes are not ideal.

Things to consider: body type, weather, season and moodboard.
All glitz and glam with these feather robes, giving this party a flirty vibe.
These long dress shirts are great for having your hair done and being able to get into your dress with no hair malfunctions. An added touch is the momongram, giving each person a personal touch!
Simple robes to throw on over lacy pajamas, giving you more freedom to bust a move while getting ready.
A fall wedding calls for warm colors and confetti to get any wedding party popping!
Hotel + smaller wedding group is a fun way to utilize the amenities and wear the hotel robe!
Custom socks and flannel is a sure way to make your wedding party stand out!
Floral sets are surly in lately, but also a timeless option.
The simple, yet easy way to go sometimes are a great pair of pants and loose shirt for a comfy start to the day!

Things to consider:

  • Will you be running around decorating the venue morning of?
  • Do you plan on having hair and makeup down? Will you need to lift your top over your head?
  • Are you looking at size inclusive items.
  • Can you (or your wedding party) budget for loungewear?

Not everyone feels comfortable in the same thing. Chatting with your wedding party and presenting your wants gets the conversations flowing. You can have a group discussion or have each person letting you know privately what they would feel comfortable being in.

Some great places to get some of the pjs and outfits above: Anthropologie | Gap | Amazon
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Images above in order: Iron Gate | The Summit Hotel | The French House | East Burke Mnt Resort | Lytle Hotel | Dayton Arcade | High Acre Farm | Private Residence | Rhinegeist Brewery

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