Wedding Day Tips: First and Special Dances

Ever look at some of the most gorgeous wedding photos and wonder how some of the best emotions are captured? Most photographers prep the couples with help tips to do just this, making their day easier. I am going to share some tips from my personal wedding day guide. How to get the most out of your first and special dances.

Here are 4 easy tips for having a fun and memorable special dance. So, some of the most beautiful images taken for keepsakes. Your song choice isn’t the only thing to plan. Here are some helpful tips for your first and special dances from a past bride and full time wedding photographer.

Starting off with finding the perfect song is key. This helps set the mood. No matter if you plan on getting down on the dance floor or holding on tight laughing and shedding tears in a private. So, as long as there is a meaning to share then the emotions will show up the photos.
Second, and in a photographers opinion, arm placement. Yes, I said it! We don’t think about this. If you think about it most people are not experts at dancing. While taking a dance class is something couples consider for their wedding day, it is not normal thing booked in the end. For example, you are the same height as your spouse or family member for the first and special dance. When putting your arms around their shoulders it is hard for photographers and videographers to capture emotions during your dance.
You will have private conversations, reflect on parts of the day or even just hold on tight having a moment of “silence” taking the day in. For this, if you put your arm around arms, elbows, hips or low on the shoulders not extending your arms across your face the whole time will capture some beautiful moments to look back on.
Next, show the emotions! It is as simple as that, but not everyone likes being put in front of others. If you are partaking in the dance just know that most people are not watching. Normally guest might be still eating, mingling or just enjoying the atmosphere.
Finally, don’t focus on the photographers or videographers. Stopping in the middle of your first or special dances to look a the camera is taking away from that shared moment. Candids are much more lovely for these settings. The intimate moments shared with your dance partner should be your focus.
A snowy winter first dance at the Dayton Arcade mades any wedding feel magical.
Pennsylvania special wedding dance with grandpa
Anniversary dance at a wedding can be fun and welcoming for your wedding guest.

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All images were photographed by Jess Rene Photos (some associate/second for: 1. Cori Dianne at Dayton Arcade, 2 & 7. Cate Ronan at The Center and Lockbox 290, 6. Brittany Carol at Timeless Events High Acre Farm This blog is based on opinion only and not a representation of all photographers or videographers.

  1. Cece says:

    These images are stunning!

  2. Naomi Levit says:

    This is such a great resource for couples planning their wedding! Love all of the ideas you shared!!

  3. Dakotah says:

    Such helpful tips – from finding the perfect song that sets the mood to the simple suggestion of allowing you to feel and show your emotions. Love all the photos!

  4. Carissa says:

    Oh my gosh these are such helpful tips! I would have never thought about changing up arm placement in order to get more emotional photos!

  5. I love a good first dance song! The expressions of love on the couples faces are priceless! Great advice for having an unforgettable first dance.

  6. Sierra says:

    Aww I just love first dances! These are great tips!

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