The French House Garden Wedding

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A late summer wedding is ideal for any couple dreaming of pops of colors, gardens in full bloom, and warm sunny days. This French House garden wedding will not only inspire your dream wedding but also provide practical insights. Join us as we delve into the enchanting celebration of Maddie and Cole, a young vibrant couple, surrounded by friends and family for an elegant yet trendy wedding day.

Located in the picturesque Amberley Village, Ohio, the French House serves as the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration. The grounds boast sculpted landscaping, pops of floral, and a well-designed layout for events, making it an idyllic setting for a late summer wedding.

Maddie and Cole ensured their guests enjoyed every moment of the warm late summer day by providing engaging activities. From a bounce house to a fun photo booth and even a popsicle cart, they thoughtfully curated an experience that reflected their vision for a lively and memorable celebration. A key player in executing their vision seamlessly was their wedding coordinator, who played an instrumental role in orchestrating the day’s festivities.

To address practical concerns for potential couples considering the French House for their wedding, let’s explore some frequently asked questions.

  • Is the French House accessible throughout the duration of the event?
  • What are the parking regulations at the French House?
  • What are the heating and air conditioning conditions at the French House?

According to the venue’s page, the French House is accessible throughout the duration of the event. This allows couples and their guests the flexibility to enjoy both indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to the indoor restrooms, there are additional rooms frequently used for cocktail settings and more.

The house is accessible at any time during your event. In other words, allowing you to make the most of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Ensuring smooth logistics on your wedding day is crucial.

The French House provides ample parking space with a parking lot capable of accommodating up to 35 vehicles. In the event of additional cars, overflow parking will be conveniently directed to park along the drive. Moreover, an onsite police officer will be present to guide and direct guests to available parking spaces. This is a way to ensure smooth traffic flow.

When planning a late summer wedding, considerations for temperature control are essential. The house is equipped with a comprehensive air conditioning and heating system. Providing a comfortable indoor climate throughout the entire premises.

Maddie and Cole’s French Park garden wedding showcased their love. However, while highlighting the charm and functionality of the French House, too. With its accessible spaces, ample parking, and climate control features, it’s a dream venue for couples seeking a delightful late summer celebration. Consider the French House for a wedding. For a seamlessly blends of elegance, trendiness, and practicality, creating lasting memories for both you and your guests.

So, grab your planning guide and write down the pros and cons. Figure out the style and look you want for you (and your guest). Do you want a French Park garden wedding or perhaps a wedding with neutrals?

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