Tipp City, Ohio: A Battleship and Coffee Date Surprise Proposal

I met Breanne and Nathan at a wedding a few years ago. Breanne was in the bridal party of the wedding I was photographing. Since then, the couple has booked a few sessions with me. One being a surprise proposal! I was excited when Nathan reached out and we got started planning.

Nathan and Breanne enjoy dates on the cutest level. From playing board games at the local coffee shop, hiking to even venturing off for the weekend somewhere. These two truly enjoy each others company!

After a few back and forth planning around some road blocks, we finally had a plan. Their day’s story and photos below:

Saturday July 3rd early in the morning I grabbed my gear and headed to get my sister in law. We sat for coffee in gym clothes undercover just waiting for the sweet couple to arrive. The coffee shop, Grounds for Pleasure in Tipp City, was wonderful to work with. They jumped in on the plan by lettings us place the flowers in the shop randomly, used the sweet cup Nathan had bought for this moment and assisted in giving the ring to Nathan. Soon the couple arrived walking in with The Battleship board game and ready to enjoy one of the many dates they go on together. They both ordered coffee and then found a cozy spot in the back, that was technically reserved for them. Their drinks were served. The brista even brings over a “special drink” for Breanne to try, in her special cup. At this time all things falling into place, Nathan heads up to the counter to get a breakfast cake for them to share.

(This was my que to get ready) As he heads back to her he has a plate containing the cake, a rose and the ring. I followed right behind Nathan at this point. Once he approached Breanne, he asked for her to stand as he drops to one knee for his surprise proposal. The look on her face of excitement and shock was dearing. Photographing away, she then realizes what is truly going on. I gave them a few minutes to enjoy this news before heading outside to capture some more of them glowing with all the joyful emotions. Being the Fourth of July weekend, the town was all decorated for the holiday. I parted ways with these two as they were ready to indulge in sharing the news with friends and family the rest of the weekend.

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