Wedding Tips: To Do A First Look…or Not.

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Feeling the pressure of having to do a first look now a days? While this might seem more trendy and non traditional, there are some pros and cons to doing a first look.

Your wedding day is approaching and with your partner you sit down to make your timeline. The question of doing a first look or not comes up and you both have different views. This is ok! The day comes and nerves and jitters are giving your stomach knots. As this is totally normal, the moment you see each other everything melts away. The key thing is knowing if you want to do this before the ceremony or during in front of all your guest.

Let’s just get the cons out of the way….there really isn’t a con to doing a first look. Traditional or not, this is just not something that you hear about from back in the day.

So, if you can’t tell by now I am all for first looks and here is why:

  • More time together during your special day.
  • Getting a more emotional experience privately.
  • Saying your vow to one another in private.
  • Having wedding portraits done before the ceremony, and family photos!
  • More time after the ceremony for guest.

Talk to your partner and make a plan for your day. Going into a marriage is understanding and talking through things, even if they are differences. While doing a first look is becoming more popular, a few others you could do are first touch, a prayer behind doors, back to back for vows or anything else to make your day special to you and your partner.

A few examples of first looks I cried for.

Ally + Tyler in Pennsylvania
Tabitha + Lindsay in Mississippi
Eddie + Erin in Ohio

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