A Quarry Love | Dayton, Ohio Adventure

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Elopements and vow renewals can be anywhere your heart desires. They are more intimate settings in meaningful, beautiful or charismatic locations.

I had been talking with Kristen and Evan for a few weeks. We were planning and going over their wishlist for their special day in May. I like to help couples prepare and know what to expect. We were preparing things like arrangements and getting to know them helped understand their vision more. When planning a couples session, elopement or intimate wedding I like to give my couples an experience that they will love and cherish for a lifetime. Giving them peace of mind with a timeline, prep guide and fun memories to look forward to!

For them being surrounded by nature was key. Slightly jolting since we had little time for travel and was smack dab in the middle of bigger cities. However, I had the perfect spot for this duo and their adventure. We have some beautiful state parks around Ohio but all with in 3-6 hours from where we were currently. Oakes Quarry is a beautiful spot off the beaten path. It is so majestic with every trail and rock climb in the reserve. This hidden gem is located right outside of Dayton. With its low bearing walls, it helps keep the buildings out of sight.

Saturday started off as a warm and gorgeous day in Ohio. I was ready for a fun blissful day of walking and light hiking with Kristen and Evan. Even though weather called for a small shower we were all still prepared and ready to go! I picked up her beautiful bouquet from a local florist, a bottle of champagne and loaded up my gear.

As time got closer to the meet up time, an unexpected pop up thunderstorm was headed our way. Thus putting an abrupt halt to their day, so I thought! Nope, when I spoke with Kristen they were still in rain or shine. We pushed back the start time a little more as they were dealing with a more pressing situation. They were stuck on their property with the driveway flooded! Kristen thought fast and called family to meet on the other side. So, once they crossed on foot, they could hop in the spare car and be on their way.

*Kristen’s photos from her driveway when they were waiting for a ride from the other side!

After about a 2 hour delay and more rain on the way, we got to hopping when they arrived. Instead of hiking up in regular clothes, they decided to go ahead and change at the cars; incase the rain appeared again. They were so sweet helping each other tie up their boots and double checking to see if they had everything. I grabbed my gear and we headed out! I stayed back a bit as they went on their journey and I documented.

When I say they were adorable, I mean it. They were swooning over each other in their attire. The were holding hands while walking and at one point Evan carried Kristen over the oversized puddles helping not get her wedding dress muddy before they reached the top of the rocks to say their vows. I giggled at them a few times as they truly looked like two young kids being playful out there. The rest of the night was remarkable from there, words really can’t justify the atmosphere for the evening.

The sun started peeking over the treetops, almost like we went back in time and it was sunrise. The sun was peeking through the clouds. Shining on us just as we got to the top of one of the lookouts of the quarry. As we start to make our way back down after some sweet word exchange, the sky starts turning to cotton candy skies that you could just pull down and eat.

They were wild and vibrant.

We ended the evening with a glowing sky of colors and no rain. The day could not have gone any better. The outcome for the couple was perfect and spot on for their love. They were prepared to take on the day like they took on the world already. So kick off your hiking boots and enjoy these unbelievable images of them.

Don’t let surrounding events stop you from love. Kristen and Evan definitely proved that theory as they overcame so many obstacles this day. They celebrated and we’re glad they didn’t let flooding rain and uncontrollable weather stop them.

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  1. Camilla says:

    I love how you captured all the little details, the beauty of this location, the real and honest love they have for each other. Beautiful!

  2. Abbi Hearne says:

    Wow what a beautiful day, that orange sunset is stunning!!

  3. Lauren says:

    Ohhh just beautiful. Sweet, with all the little details, and that amazing sunset!!!

  4. I love their story and your photos! I feel like the quarry was a perfect place for this shoot with all of the water from the rain. Great work!

  5. Randi says:

    What a special spot for an elopement! I love the way you captured this

  6. Henry says:

    These colors are everything. What a gorgeous gallery!!!

  7. Cara says:

    Ok this is so freeking romantic! This quarry was the perfect spot for them. And that sunlight! woah…

  8. Sabrina Kaye says:

    Wow these are so stunning! Love your work!!

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  10. Lauren says:

    Your work is SO beautiful, I absolutely love this!!! I love their mugs too haha

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