How Cancellations Are Hurting, But There Is Light In All Of This.

Today I was supposed to be all set up and ready to meet and greet at the Wedding Expo in Dayton. I was so excited for this for a few reasons. Couples looking for their vendors still for their big day.

So lets scoot back a few months, back to the beginning of 2020. I received an email regarding the wedding expo with an opportunity to participate. I skimmed it and moved along. I wasn’t particularly interested because in 2019 I was signed up to do a small wedding show. I was all set and ready to go, and they canceled last moment due to lack of participation. So needless to say when this bigger show was coming up, I wasn’t really excited. Frankly I was nervous!

But as the weeks go by I received a couple more emails and soon phone calls. So, there I was finding myself answering a call to see what they had to offer. The first thing that was stated to me, “We’ve come across your website and was stunned. Your work is beautiful.” Well, I was hooked after that and suckered in to say the least!

So with planning underway, I contacted my local vendors and planned out a beautiful welcoming set up, printed off flyers and wedding guide magazines, updated my business cards and so much more! I invested over thousands of dollars into this wedding expo. I wanted to give my future couples helpful material, sweet little gifts and a day of smiles. I wanted to meet the local vendors set up around me.

As weeks grew closer, days away- our nation, OUR WORLD starts to undergo a crisis. I soon started to realize that this might not happen.

I started to panic. I started to feel overwhelmed with thoughts.”

As we got closer to the date, I had clients reaching out to reschedule session and even weddings. My heart dropped. I felt horrible this is was happening. I couldn’t even image those couples who have waited months and years to for their big day- for it to just be postponed or simply canceled.

Fast forwarding to today. We are going into #stayhome lock down for two weeks. All my sessions for the remainder of March and beginning of April have been rescheduled. This has been a tremendous eye opener and has affected my business 100%. I feel for those small businesses that are forced to shut down during this time with absolutely NO income coming in.

Because of all that is going on, I wanted to give a special offer to those brides who are looking for a photographer or having to find a new one due to travel bands. I had planned to offer all couples 20% off when booked that day. With all that is going on, I want to extend this deal till the first of June 2020 this is to all couples.*

I have a ton of beautiful wedding guides ready to go for you when you book. This will be included in your welcoming gift! Look how cute these are!

If you are wanting to know more information and take advantage of this offer before time is up you can visit Chickadees Photography

I have listed below my current full 2020-2021 pricing and collections.

*Offer good to any couple. Does not reflect already booked couples. Previous inquires are voided and require new proposals if booking.

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