Backyard Elopement

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Ever just want to wander off and get married. Just being you and your boo? Did you ever just want to be done with the planning of a big day and skip it all to walk into your backyard and exchange your vows?

I received an email early January from Kala. She was super sweet when reaching out and honestly sounded like a “dream” client! I was reading her email and thinking “This is too good to be true!” So, I reached out for a chat.

And this is how it went…

After a beautiful ceremony, Kala and Luke enjoyed a little cheesecake and then led me to the over look of their property. It had a breathtaking view and was perfect for their portraits!

I spent almost a full day with Kala and Luke. I felt like family being there and even helped Kala with her hair. They didn’t want all the glitz and glam, but they wanted an experience to remember.

After leaving that night to travel back home, I felt as I had did just that. Gave them an experience without a full day of events and guests. I still helped with planning a small timeline for them; this way they knew what to expect. I also helped stage a few areas for them and then just went with the flow for the rest. These are just normal things I do for all couples, but adjusting to their wants and needs helps me, help them!

Looking back I never thought their 20+ acre home right outside of Pittsburgh, PA would look like a magical place in a far away land. Simple and elegant was key here and I think they nailed it.

If you are thinking backyards and random elopement locations aren’t magical and elegant, sometimes you should just trust your photographer. We see things many do not and that is why I love my job!

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