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Are you a mom to be and finding yourself during this time of restrictions? Ready to pop and your photographer is not going to be able to join you in the hospital room or even after your little one has arrived?


I am a mom and even though my little is almost 2, I too wasn’t in a position to have my photographer come in. My little was born almost a month early and went straight to the NICU. We were in our room safe and sound while my nugget was being observed before coming in the room with us. During this time, the wonderful hospital onsite photographer stopped in a few times, and it just never lined up while in there for us to get the photos done!

However, I was so excited my husband talked me into bringing my camera! While I did miss a few extra opportunities I wanted to have photographed, during this time with current events- these few tips I unleash to you should help you capture this special moment while your photographer is not able to make it!

So grad your camera and look at your settings. Checking your lighting in the room. Do you have open windows or room lights. Take a photo or two and check to make sure you are adjusted well so your photos will turn out best. These are still great even if you are using a cell phone, as well!

To get those test shots in, we will start with DETAILS!


-How about some details of your room.

-Photos of the baby’s crib card is a perfect example of this!

(See my photo to the right!)

-Photos of the hand print and foot card!

-How about that cute going home outfit all laid out.

-Any gifts or flowers that were brought in to you!

All of these are great things to capture and there are so many more things. Do not hesitate to over shoot the details!




Second thing you want to capture is of course YOUR LITTLE ONE!

-Little bundle of joy all swaddled in their bassinet.

-How about feeding time or laying in your lap while you sit on the bed!

-Getting little details of your bundle of joy is great too! Capture those toes and little wrinkly fingers.

-Taking all of those selfies and more of your newest family member will not disappoint your family and friends!

-Get photos of you bathing your baby the first time. Its a great experience.

-Have dad or guest get a few photos of you with your baby.


And last but not least- if you have any visitors at all, make sure you capture photos of them with your newest member. I personally didn’t want a lot of visitors as it is already a stressful time, but I loved my nurses! Sometimes you make a friend, so taking a photo of that nurse that you saw the whole time with your bundle really makes them smile, too!


Here are a few more of my stay. I did not capture as much as I wanted, but I am so happy I did get what I did capture!

And if you have one of those fancy cameras, like your girl here and you want to find out more creative tips or tricks message me so we can chat before you go in to labor during all this!

This is not to replace a professional photographer, but to help you capture and cherish those moments!

Warmly <3

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