“What is a Bridal Session?”

I get this question often when discussing collections and add ons with Brides-to-be. What are these sessions for? What is the meaning behind them and why? Can these be done as a couples bridals?
While all great questions, depending the region area you are in can affect these answers a bit. However, the concept is pretty consistent across the board. A bridal session helps you see how you will look on your big day. See how you look in your wedding attire, how your hair and make up will be and how you will feel.

Bridal Session | Chickadees Photography

A few tips if you are looking to schedule a bridal session with your photographer.

Schedule your session…

  • Once your dress is fully done being altered and taken in.
  • On the same day as your hair and make up trial
  • At least 2-7 days prior to your wedding day so you can make any adjustments.
  • If you are wanting those extra photos of you.

Keep in mind, while this is normal for the bride to do this type portrait session it is also a great opportunity for the couple to do it together!
This all depends on your style, what you want and what matters most to you!
Now let’s enjoy this beautiful bridal portraits session in the snow!

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