Your little one is here..

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Your family is expanding and everyone is excited. Anxious as it might be, still catching those memories of the little(s) arrival can be so important. All the pain and uncomfortableness you experienced in those 9 months dissolve in a matter of a week or two.
But there you are, waiting on your little ones arrival. Laying in that hospital bed is such pain, but all you can think about is them… “What will they really look like?””Will their name fit their face?””Will I be a good parent?” and so on..
Minutes become hours and hours feel like they freeze in time, but in the end the result is worth it! Your little bundle is here and you are soaking it all in!

First you got a maternity session done, but do you really need hospital photos? This is a luxury for sure! This is a special time in your life, no matter if its your first or fifth child. So it is something to really think about and consider!

Now you are home and cuddling with your bundle. No sleep, making bottles all night or trying to learn breastfeeding all while changing SO MANY diapers! Before you even know it your little is a week old and you have barely even thought about photos. I get this- I TOO HAVE BEEN THERE!
But planning ahead and making sure to keep your photographer in the loop will make sure you are scheduled. I love planning well in advance with my clients so when the day comes for the session, they are relaxed and prepared. Don’t worry, no one is every truly prepared! The thing is, stressing to find someone who can come take pictures in the hospital, in your home or the studio is hard last minute with a newborn. I hear clients all the time say “I love the dreamy sleepy photos!”, and as do I! But so much goes into them and the newborns day of age can play a big part!
Secondly, booking after the hospital and in the comfort of your own home or studio is time sensitive. Preparing in advance and find that photographer is a recommendation that alleviates a lot of stress.

Siblings are always encouraged, as well as your furry family members!

We as photographers understand medical problems can occur. I personally work with my clients and educate them as much as possible when preparing them. Sometimes, you miss that little “perfect” window for the cuddly, sleep newborn and a month has pretty much passed. THAT IS OK!

When you take the guidance from your photographer and communicate back with them- you still get that perfect little outcome you were dreaming about! This simple shot was on the clients bed with the comforter and a sweater covering the newborn. Yes, a SWEATER!

A studio is not always needed for these shots. However, a photographers education on handling a newborn and safety procedures is necessary! Finding the right photographer for the job is not just based on the cute photos, but what kind of education for safety they have had! Proper support when photographing the delicate newborn is important.

A few things to ask the photographer you are considering when booking for these types of sessions:

  • Do you have a contract that I sign?
  • How long have you been doing birthing/newborn photography?
  • How many have you done?
  • What kind of training have you done?
  • Was the training done by a medical professional and/or certified newborn professional workshop?
  • Do you do birthing and/or fresh 48?
  • Do you do newborn photos? And if so, is it in a studio?
  • Do you do lifestyle or prop/photoshop style?
  • Do you have props?
  • What all do I need to do to prepare for our session?

These are only a few, but are good ones that are specific to newborns particularly. Your photographer should go over more information with you, as well as answering any other questions you have.
Lastly, you should leave your consultation or phone call with confidence. Feeling at ease is important, and not because you scored a deal. Cheaping out on this type of session(s) particularly is not something you want to do. Having great pictures to show off and look back on is one thing, but the safety of your newborn is the most important part.

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