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 I have been a frequent blogger but I seem to lose touch every now and again. 
I vow to be better starting now! Life has always led me to keep a camera close by, and snap here and there. Believe it or not, I still have undeveloped film that is 23 years old! I have a box under my bed full of negatives, and multiple unused priceless camera models laying around. 

In the past few years I have started the “business” side of photography and successfully made it my full time profession this past year. After building my family up from and being coming a mom- I need my camera more than ever to freeze time and keep my nugget little forever!  

What is my specialty you ask? 
I specialize in weddings and lifestyle photography. Weddings fill up most of the weekends through the months. I work with couples all year long to help them prep for their big day. I love helping create the perfect timeline, making sure that every angle of the couples day is captured! 

Weddings are a big deal. I continue everyday working on my education, skills and more to help each and every client. Over the past 5 years of doing weddings, I have had the pleasure of meeting over 30 couples! I have traveled out of state for a couple and around the inner state for the rest. I am truly blessed to have met the best clients and continue to have this opportunity. 

While I am not hanging out with my wedding couples, I see many other clients! I offer lifestyle sessions are that done throughout the year outside, in studio or in the comfort of your home! These sessions are families celebrating milestones, couples having fun, seniors before they venture into the world, moms bring life into the world and more!

How do I do it all: 
Well after settling down and getting married, creating life myself- running a full time business isn’t easy! I wear many hats for the job as well as being at home. It may look fun as I sit at home chasing my little nugget around, but I am busy all hours of the day. It is not a 9-5 job as one would think.

Waking up to 3-7 notifications from clients and potential clients.
Scheduling marketing opportunities to stay in business.
Schedule upcoming events, sessions and educational sessions.
Making sure all my equipment is charged, cleaned and stored properly- ready for the next adventure!
Editing, oh my the editing!

These are just the basics of what my daily is, as I prepare all year long for tax season or back end business expenses. My house may be a mess at times or a birthday card may be delivered late but at the end of the day, my family is taken care of and I hit the sheets feeling like I did a great job! 

I love meeting new people and keeping in touch with clients on a regular- so send me a message. Lets connect and grab a coffee! 

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