Wedding party walking down the aisle, zoomed in on bouquet.

Courtesy Chronicles: Attending a ceremony as a guest.

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It’s important to be fully present and engaged during special moments like weddings. Here’s a friendly reminder to enjoy the ceremony and avoid being preoccupied with your phone or other distractions:

  1. Switch to silent or airplane mode: Before the ceremony begins, make sure your phone is on silent or airplane mode to minimize distractions. This way, you won’t be tempted to check notifications or receive calls.
  2. Designate a photographer: Let the couple know that you want to fully experience and enjoy their wedding ceremony. Offer to let them know in advance if you’d like to take a few photos later during the reception or other designated times. This allows them to assign a professional photographer or someone else responsible for capturing the important moments.
  3. Engage with the ceremony: Focus on the ceremony itself by actively listening, observing, and participating when appropriate. Engage with the couple’s vows, the music, and any rituals or traditions. Being fully present will allow you to appreciate the significance of the moment.
    • This is a big one from my perspective, as couples book me for the emotion I capture during these lovely moments.
  4. Live in the moment: Instead of capturing every single moment on your phone, take mental snapshots. Absorb the atmosphere, enjoy the emotions, and relish in the joyous occasion. By being present, you can fully immerse yourself in the celebration and create lasting memories.
  5. Share your presence, not your phone: Instead of being occupied with taking photos during the ceremony, show your support and engagement by being present physically and emotionally. Connect with other guests, offer congratulations, and enjoy the company of those around you.

Remember, weddings are special occasions filled with love and joy. By putting your phone aside during the ceremony, you’ll fully embrace the experience and show respect to the couple as they exchange vows.

Having the same photos over and over of just the couple is one thing, but including you throughout the ceremony is another level. You and your spouse holding hands, their arm around you, handing you a tissue as you shed a tear or simply clapping with a smile as the couple says I do and walks down the aisles!

Cell phones, iPads and such are not the issue, but how you use them during the major moments that you should be preset for is.

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